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Subra Mukherjee

Assistant Professor (stage II)


Designation : Assistant Professor (stage II)
Department : Electronics and Communication Engineering
Date of Joining : 2011-07-18
Qualification : M.Tech,Pursuing PHD


Teaching : 10 Years
Teaching details :
Courses Taught:
1.Optical Fiber Communication and Networks
2. Fiber optics and Satellite Communication
3.Optoelectronic Devices
4.Basic Electronics
5.Analog Electronics Circuit
6. Microprocessor and Microcontroller
7.Digital Electronics and Logic Design
8. Signals and System
9.Communication Technique
Area of Interest :
Optical Sensors and instrumentation, Fiber Optics, Image Processing
Research : 8 Years

Award / Recognition / Achievement / Professional Membership / Grant

  1. Professional membership - Member of Optical Society of India
    Awarded on 2017-05-08
    Awarded by -

    Grant Amount -
  2. Recognition - Associate Editor of ADBU Journal of Engineering and Technology
    Awarded on 2016-06-01
    Awarded by -

    Grant Amount -

Conference / Workshop / Symposium / Training

  1. Paper Presenter in Conference - XL OSI International Conference on Light and Light based Technologies (International)
    Organised at TezpUR UNIVERSITY from 2016-11-24 to 2016-11-26
  2. Paper Presenter in Conference - National Conference on Emerging Global Trends in Engineering and Technology (National)
    Organised at ADBU from 2013-03-11 to 2013-03-12
  3. Paper Presenter in Conference - IEEE Conference on Mobile & Embedded Technology International Conference (MECON) 2013 (International)
    Organised at AMITY UNIVERSITY from 2013-01-17 to 2013-01-18
  4. Participant in Training - Emotional Intelligence (National)
    Organised at ADBU from 2017-01-23 to 2017-03-07
  5. Participant in Training - Outcome based Pedagogic Principles for Effective Teaching (National)
    Organised at ADBU from 2017-01-23 to 2017-02-17
  6. Participant in Training - Hands on Training on Basic MEMS Fabrication Techniques (National)
    Organised at Tezpur University from 2015-03-23 to 2015-03-30
  7. Participant in Workshop - Pedagogy for Online and Blended Teaching Learning Process (National)
    Organised at ADBU from 2017-09-14 to 2017-10-12
  8. Participant in Workshop - Foundation Program in ICT for Education (National)
    Organised at ADBU from 2017-08-03 to 2017-09-07
  9. Participant in Workshop - Workshop on Managing Personal and Professional Roles (National)
    Organised at ADBU from 2017-03-17 to 2017-03-18
  10. Participant in Workshop - Academic Audit –Principles and Practices (National)
    Organised at ADBU from 2016-10-14 to 2016-10-15
  11. Participant in Workshop - Workshop on Hybrid Photonics (National)
    Organised at Tezpur university from 2015-02-24 to 2016-02-26

Research and Publication

    Book Chapter
  1. Wesheu Mero, subra mukherjee, A Simple Vis–NIR LED-Based Model for Estimation of Plant Chlorophyll, LECTURE NOTES IN ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING, R. BERA ET AL. (EDS.), ADVANCES IN COMMUNICATION,DEVICES AND NETWORKING, volume 537, pages 1-9,
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  2. Subra mukherjee, shakuntala laskar, Analysis and Characterization of Spectral Signature of Soil Nitrogen Content based on VNIR Optical Sensing for Application in Smart Farming, Lecture notes in Electrical Engineering, R. Bera et al. (eds.), Advances in communication,devices and networking, volume 472, pages 669-677,
    ISSN , ISBN 978-981-10-7901-6,
  3. Subra mukherjee, shakuntala laskar, Optical Sensing of Soil Nutrients for Smart Farming, Geography and You, A Development and Environment Magazine, The Agri-Tech Perspectives, volume 17(102), pages 46-50,
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  4. Conference
  5. Subra mukherJee,Shakuntala laskar, Cross-Sensitivity and Responsive Wavelength Evaluation for NPK Sensing in the UV-VIS-NIR Region, National Conference on Emerging Trends and Application in Computer Science (NCETACS-2018), volume 1, pages 1-7,
    ISSN , ISBN ,
  6. Subra mukherjee, deepti lourembam, An Empirical Exponential Model based on Reflectivity Measurements for Soil Nitrogen Detection, International Journal of Computer Applications, volume 172(6), pages 21-25,
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  7. Subra mukherjee, shakuntala laskar, Optical Sensing Methods for Assessment of Soil Macro nutrients and other Properties for Application in Precision Agriculture::A Review, ADBU Journal of engineering technology, volume 4, pages 206-210,
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  8. Kanchuki Sharma Saddam Hussain Santanu Nath Shaswati Bhattacharya, SUBRA MUKHERJEE, Microcontroller based automatic Railway gate control, Journal of Applied and Fundamental Sciences, volume 1(2), pages 268-273,
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  9. Mriganka Gogoi, Syed Ejaz Ali, subra mukherjee, Automatic Indian currency denomination recognition system based on artificial neural network, 2015 2nd International Conference on Signal Processing and Integrated Networks (SPIN), volume NA, pages 553-558,
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  10. Journal
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  12. Deepti lourembam, shakuntala laskar, subra mukherjee, Framework for an optical Sensor System for Monitoring of Soil Nitrogen and Tailoring soil pH, Journal of Optics, volume 47, pages 180-194,
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  19. SUBRA mukherjee, karen das, An Adaptive GMM approach to background Subtraction for application in Real Time Surveillance, International Journal of Research in Engineering and Technology, volume 2, pages 25-29,
    ISSN 2319-1163, ISBN ,

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