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Ngangom Aomoa

Assistant Professor (stage I)


Designation : Assistant Professor (stage I)
Department : Physics
Date of Joining : 2017-07-17
Qualification : Ph. D. (Physics)


Teaching : 2 Years
Teaching details :
Bachelor of Science:
i. Mathematical Physics-I Autumn Semester, 2018
ii. Wave and Optics Spring Semester, 2019
iii. C programming laboratory Autumn Semester, 2018
Master of Science:
i. Mathematical Physics Autumn Semester, 2017 & 2018
ii. Electrodynamics Spring Semester, 2018
iii. Electronics Autumn Semester, 2017
iv. Plasma Physics I Spring Semester, 2017 & Autumn Semester, 2018
v. Plasma Physics II Spring Semester 2019
vi. Electronics Laboratory Autumn Semester, 2017
vii. Plasma Laboratory Spring Semester 2018 & 2019 and Autumn Semester, 2018

Area of Interest :
Plasma Physics and Material Science
Research : 11 Years

Award / Recognition / Achievement / Professional Membership / Grant

    Conference / Workshop / Symposium / Training

    1. Conference Chair in Conference - Trends in Modern Physics 2019 (National)
      Organised at Tapesia Campus, adbu from 2019-02-22 to 2019-02-23
    2. Participant in Conference - National seminar on advances in materials science (National)
      Organised at Gauhati University from 2017-03-24 to 2017-03-25
    3. Participant in Conference - Second International Conference on Material Science (ICMS2017) (International)
      Organised at Tripura University from 2017-02-16 to 2017-02-18
    4. Participant in Conference - International Conference on Advances in Nanotechnology (ICAN2017) (International)
      Organised at Assam Don Bosco University, Gauhati from 2017-01-09 to 2017-01-13
    5. Participant in Conference - CPP-IPR Silver Jubilee Symposium (National)
      Organised at CPP-IPR from 2016-04-21 to 2016-04-22
    6. Participant in Conference - 27th National Symposium on Plasma Science and Technology (National)
      Organised at KIIT, Bhubaneshwar from 2013-12-03 to 2013-12-06
    7. Participant in Conference - 26th National Symposium on Plasma Science and Technology (National)
      Organised at Pondicherry University from 2012-12-10 to 2012-12-13
    8. Participant in Conference - First PSSI – Plasma Scholars’ Colloquium (National)
      Organised at Institute for Plasma Research, Gandhinagar from 2012-07-03 to 2012-07-04
    9. Participant in Conference - 25th National Symposium on Plasma Science and Technology (National)
      Organised at IASST, Gauhati from 2010-12-10 to 2010-12-13
    10. Conference Chair in Workshop - Workshop on Basic Plasma Physics 2019 (National)
      Organised at TAPESIA CAMPUS, ADBU from 2019-01-29 to 2019-01-30
    11. Conference Chair in Workshop - Workshop on Basic Plasma Physics 2018 (National)
      Organised at Tapesia campus, ADBU from 2018-01-19 to 2018-01-20
    12. Participant in Workshop - CPP-IPR workshop on Linear Tokamak Divertor Simulators for PSI Studies (WLTDS) (National)
      Organised at CPP-IPR, Sonapur from 2014-11-24 to 2014-11-26
    13. Participant in Workshop - Basic Principles, Preparatory methods and Applications in Scanning Electron Microscopy (National)
      Organised at SAIF, NEHU from 2009-11-04 to 2009-11-06
    14. Participant in Workshop - ? Three day school on foundation of plasma physics and technology for young researchers of North-East India (National)
      Organised at Dibrugarh University from 2009-10-30 to 2009-11-01
    15. Participant in Workshop - ? National Workshop on Plasma-Surface Interactions and Processing (NWPSIP-09) (National)
      Organised at NIT Hamirpur from 2009-05-25 to 2009-05-27

    Research and Publication

    1. Mayur Kakati, Trinayan Sarmah, Ngangom Aomoa, Gopikishan Sabavath, Pubali Dihingia, Mizanur Rahman, J. Ghosh, Y.C. Saxena, B. Satpati, Gagan Sharma, Ajay Gupta and G. De Temmerman, Design, development and recent experiments of the CIMPLE-PSI device., Nuclear Fusion, volume 59, pages 112008-20,
      ISSN 1741-4326, ISBN ,
    2. Trinayan Sarmah, N. Aomoa, Sidananda Sarma, U. Deshpande, B. Satpati, Divesh N. Srivastava, Sanjiv Kumar, M. Kakati and G. De Temmerman, Studies on synthesis of plasma fusion relevant tungsten dust particles and measurement of their hydrogen absorption properties., Fusion Engineering and Design, volume 127, pages 120-6,
      ISSN 0920-3796, ISBN ,
    3. Lavita Sarma, N. Aomoa, Trinayan Sarmah, S. Sarma, A. Srinivasan, G. Sharma, Ajay Gupta, V. R. Reddy, B. Satpati, D. N. Srivastava, S. Deka, L. M. Pandey and M. Kakati, Synthesis of finest superparamagnetic carbon-encapsulated magnetic nanoparticles by a plasma expansion method for biomedical applications., Journal of Alloys and Compounds, volume 749, pages 768-775,
      ISSN 0925-8388, ISBN ,
    4. Lavita Sarma, Trinayan Sarmah, N Aomoa, S Sarma, U Deshpande, H Bhuyan, Sunita Ojha, Utpal Bora and Mayur Kakati, Size-controlled synthesis of superparamagnetic iron-oxide and iron-oxide/iron/carbon nanotube nanocomposites by supersonic plasma expansion technique., Journal of Physics D: Applied Physics, volume 51, pages 195003-15,
      ISSN 0022-3727, ISBN ,
    5. Trinayan Sarmah, Ngangom Aomoa, G. Bhattacharjee, Sidananda Sarma, Biswajit Bora, D.N. Srivastava, H. Bhuyan, M. Kakati and G. De Temmerman, Plasma expansion synthesis of tungsten nanopowder., Journal of Alloys and Compounds, volume 725, pages 606-615,
      ISSN 0925-8388, ISBN ,
    6. N. Aomoa, Trinayan Sarmah, Puspalata Sah, P. Chaudhuri, S. Khirwarker, J. Ghosh, B. Satpati, M. Kakati and G. De Temmerman, Development of a plasma assisted ITER level controlled heat source and observation of novel micro/nanostructures produced upon exposure of tungsten targets., Fusion Engineering and Design, volume 106, pages 63-70,
      ISSN 0920-3796, ISBN ,
    7. N. Aomoa, Trinayan Sarmah, U.P. Deshpande, V. Sathe, A. Banerjee, T. Shripathi, V.R. Reddy, N.P. Lalla, A. Gupta, Rajeev Gupta, Divesh N. Srivastava, R.K. Bordoloi, S. Sarma, A. Srinivasan and M. Kakati, Plasma-assisted synthesis of carbon encapsulated magnetic nanoparticles with controlled sizes correlated to smooth variation of magnetic properties., Carbon, volume 84, pages 24-37,
      ISSN 0008-6223, ISBN ,
    8. B. Bora, N. Aomoa, M. Kakati and H. Bhuyan, Studies on a supersonic thermal plasma expansion process for synthesis of titanium nitride nanoparticles., Powder Technology, volume 246, pages 413-418,
      ISSN 0032-5910, ISBN ,
    9. N. Aomoa, H. Bhuyan, A. L. Cabrera, M. Favre, D. E. Diaz-Droguett, S. Rojas, P. Ferrari, D. N. Srivastava and M. Kakati, Rapid synthesis of carbon nanoparticles with an optimized combination of specific surface area and crystallinity by a plasma-assisted single-step process., Journal of Physics D: Applied Physics, volume 46, pages 165501-9 ,
      ISSN 0022-3727, ISBN ,
    10. B. Bora, N. Aomoa, R.K. Bordoloi, D.N. Srivastava, H. Bhuyan, A.K. Das and M. Kakati, Free flowing, transparent ?-alumina nanoparticles synthesized by a supersonic thermal plasma expansion process., Current Applied Physics, volume 12, pages 880-884,
      ISSN , ISBN ,
    11. M. Kakati, N. Aomoa, B. Bora and H. Bhuyan, Synthesis of titania nanoparticles by supersonic plasma expansion: effect of lowering chamber pressure., Nanoscience and Nanotechnology Letters, volume 4, pages 348-351,
      ISSN 1941-4900, ISBN ,
    12. B Bora, N. Aomoa and M. Kakati, Characteristic and Temperature Measurement of a Non-transferred Cascaded DC Plasma Torch., Plasma Science and Technology, volume 12, pages 181-187,
      ISSN 1009-0630, ISBN ,

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