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Kasturi Goswami

Assistant Professor (stage I)


Designation : Assistant Professor (stage I)
Department : ECONOMICS
Date of Joining : 2018-07-04
Qualification : P.hD in Economics (Gauhati University)


Research : - Years

Award / Recognition / Achievement / Professional Membership / Grant

  1. Achievement - OrientatioN Course
    Awarded on 2019-07-17
    Awarded by University of Hyderabad
    Reason Completed 107 Orientation Course Conducted By UGC- HRDC University of Hyderabad - Garde A
    Grant Amount NA
  2. Achievement - Online Certification Cum Faculty development programme
    Awarded on 2019-04-30
    Awarded by NPTEL- AICTE
    Reason Completion of online certification cum Faculty Development Programme
    Grant Amount NA
  3. Achievement - NET-JRF
    Awarded on 2012-06-15
    Awarded by UGC
    Reason Cleared Net-JRf conducted by ugc
    Grant Amount 16,000 per month
  4. Achievement - SLET
    Awarded on 2011-01-01
    Awarded by SLET commision for North East Region
    Reason Cleared Slet conducted by SLET COMMISION FOR NORTH EAST REGION
    Grant Amount NA

Conference / Workshop / Symposium / Training

  1. Participant in Conference - RECYCLE 2020; 3rd international conference on waste management (International)
    Organised at IIT- Guwahati from 2020-02-13 to 2020-02-14
  2. Paper Presenter in Conference - National Conference on Innovative Business Practices & Sustainable Development in Modern Era (National)
    Organised at Bengal School Of Technology & Management from 2018-04-21 to 2018-04-21
  3. Paper Presenter in Conference - Modern Retailing- Social & Economic Perspectives (National)
    Organised at IPE, HYDERABAD from 2017-01-30 to 2017-01-31
  4. Paper Presenter in Conference - International Seminar on “Environmental Changes and Challenge: Local, Regional and Global Perspectives (International)
    Organised at DEpartment of geography, gauhati university from 2015-02-25 to 2015-02-28
  5. Paper Presenter in Conference - Economics of Education with special reference to North East India (National)
    Organised at Guwahati College from 2013-06-16 to 2013-06-17
  6. Paper Presenter in Conference - Displacement, Rehabilitation and Resettlement Problems in India with Special Reference to Northeast (National)
    Organised at HPB Girls College, from 2013-05-08 to 2013-05-09
  7. Paper Presenter in Conference - Prospects and potentialities of Tourism Industry of Assam in the era of Globalization (National)
    Organised at CKB College from 2013-02-13 to 2013-02-14
  8. Paper Presenter in Conference - The Millennium Development Goals and Human development – Performance in North East India (National)
    Organised at Morigaon College from 2012-09-28 to 2012-09-29
  9. Paper Presenter in Conference - Human Development in North- East India: Issues and Challenges (National)
    Organised at BARBHAG COLLEGE from 2012-08-31 to 2012-09-01
  10. Participant in Workshop - Work Shop on Econometric Analysis of Panel Data (National)
    Organised at Department of Economics, Gauhati University from 2016-03-21 to 2016-03-22
  11. Participant in Workshop - Training Programmme on Econometric Application (National)
    Organised at DEPARTMENT OF ECONOMICS, GAUHATI UNIVERSITY from 2015-03-18 to 2015-03-21

Research and Publication

    Book Chapter
  1. Jacinta lalrinchhungi and kasturi goswami, Act east policy and its implications on retailing: survey report on consumers PREFERENCE for imported products in kawnpui, mizoram, Act East POLICY: Implementation and implications for india's north east , volume 1, pages 81-91, 2019
    Indexing - Others,, Impact factor - NA
    ISSN , ISBN 978-93-88645-31-7,
  2. Conference
  3. Late. Dipen handique, mandakini das and kasturi goswami, Impact Of Urban development on Air quality: a cross country study, Population environment and emerging challenges, volume 1, pages 50-57, 2018
    Indexing - Others,, Impact factor - NA
    ISSN , ISBN 978-93-81859-53-7,
  4. , Eco-tourism: problems and prospects of north east india with special reference to assam, Tourism development and planning in India, volume 1, pages 207-214In, 2014
    Indexing - Others,, Impact factor - NA
    ISSN , ISBN 978-93-8117-676-4,
  5. Kasturi goswami, Potentials of Ecotourism and Problems of Biodiversity Conservation in Dibru- Saikhowa National Park, GLOBALIsATION and tourism in assam, volume 1, pages 173-184, 2013
    Indexing - Others,, Impact factor - NA
    ISSN , ISBN 978-93-82030-52-2,
  6. Kasturi goswami, dipali baishya, Status of Primary Education in Northeast India- Development and Obstacles-A case study of the Districts of Assam, MILLENNIUM development goals and human development PERFORMANCE in NE India , volume 1, pages 173-186, 2012
    Indexing - Others,, Impact factor - NA
    ISSN , ISBN 978-93-81694-38-1,
  7. Journal
  8. Dr Kasturi Goswami, Health and National Competitiveness: An Empirical Analysis of the BRICS Nations, Indian journal of public health research and development, volume 10:12, pages 70-75, 2020
    Indexing - Scopus,, Impact factor - NA
    ISSN 0976-0245, ISBN ,
  9. Kasturi goswami, dr gayatri goswami, A Comparative Study Of The Attitude Of Consumers Towards Modern And Traditional Apparel Stores In Guwahati City, ASSAM ECONOMIC REVIEW, volume 11, pages 94- 109, 2018
    Indexing - UGC list,, Impact factor - NA
    ISSN 2319-6254, ISBN ,
  10. Kasturi goswami, dr gayatri goswami, Store Attributes Affecting Consumers Choice Of Apparel Stores In Guwahati City, INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF SCIENTIFIC RESEARCH AND REVIEWS, volume 7-1, pages 313-335, 2018
    Indexing - UGC list,, Impact factor - NA
    ISSN 2279-0543, ISBN ,
  11. Kasturi Goswami, Dr Gayatri Goswami, Global Retail Theories and its Feasibility in Indian Markets: An Analysis, ASSAM ECONOMIC REVIEW, volume 10, pages 46-58, 2017
    Indexing - UGC list,, Impact factor - NA
    ISSN 2319-6254, ISBN ,
  12. Kasturi goswami, dr gayatri goswami, An Analysis of Growth of Fashion Retailing in Guwahati city, Journal of Marketing Vistas, volume 7-1, pages 12-18, 2017
    Indexing - UGC list,, Impact factor - NA
    ISSN 2249-9067, ISBN ,

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