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Bhaskar Sharma

Assistant Professor (stage I)


Designation : Assistant Professor (stage I)
Department : Chemical Sciences
Date of Joining : 2018-07-04
Qualification : Ph.D. from Osmania University, Hyderabad


Research : 3 Years

Award / Recognition / Achievement / Professional Membership / Grant

    Conference / Workshop / Symposium / Training

    1. Participant in Symposium - Theoretical Chemistry Symposium (National)
      Organised at Indian Institute of Technology, Kanpur from 2010-12-08 to 2010-12-12

    Research and Publication

    1. Roy, S.; Sharma, B.; Pecaut, J.; Simon, P.; Fontecave, M.; Tran, P.; Derat, E.; Artero, V, . Molecular cobalt complexes with pendant amines for selective electrocatalytic reduction of carbon dioxide to formate, Journal of American Chemical society, volume 139, pages 3685-3696, 2017
      Indexing - Scopus,, Impact factor - 14.357
      ISSN , ISBN ,
    2. Bhaskar Sharma, Y. Indra Neela, and G. Narahari Sastry, Structures and Energetics of Complexation of Metal Ions with Ammonia, Water, and Benzene: A Computational Study, Journal of computational chemistry, volume 37, pages 992–1004, 2016
      Indexing - Scopus,, Impact factor - 3.221
      ISSN , ISBN ,
    3. Bhaskar Sharma, Hemant Kumar Srivastava, Gaddamanugu Gayatri, and Garikapati Narahari Sastry, Energy Decomposition Analysis of Cation–p, Metal Ion– Lone Pair, Hydrogen Bonded, Charge-Assisted Hydrogen Bonded, and p–p Interactions, JOURNAL OF COMPUTATIONAL CHEMISTRY, volume 36, pages 529-538, 2015
      Indexing - Scopus,, Impact factor - 3.221
      ISSN , ISBN ,
    4. Chinthapalli Dinesh Kumar, Bhaskar Sharma, Yarasi Soujanya, Vadla Naresh Chary, Santhosh Reddy Patpi, Srinivas Kantevari, Garikapati Narahari Sastry and Sripadi Prabhakar, Evaluating the cation binding strength and selectivity of calix[4]pyrroles: a computational and ESI-MS/MS study, Physical chemistry chemical physics, volume 16, pages 17266-17271, 2014
      Indexing - Scopus,, Impact factor - 3.906
      ISSN , ISBN ,
    5. Bhaskar Sharma, Deivasigamani Umadevi and G. Narahari Sastry, Contrasting preferences of N and P substituted heteroaromatics towards metal binding: probing the regioselectivity of Li+ and Mg2+ binding to (CH)6-m-nNmP, PHYSICAL CHEMISTRY CHEMICAL PHYSICS, volume 14, pages 13922-13932, 2012
      Indexing - Scopus,, Impact factor - 3.906
      ISSN , ISBN ,
    6. Bhaskar Sharma, J. Srinivasa Rao, and G. Narahari Sastry, Effect of Solvation on Ion Binding to Imidazole and Methylimidazole, JOURNAL of physical chemistry a, volume 115, pages 1971-1984, 2011
      Indexing - Scopus,, Impact factor - 2.836
      ISSN , ISBN ,

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