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Sangeeta Das

Assistant Professor (stage I)


Designation : Assistant Professor (stage I)
Department : Zoology
Date of Joining : 2018-07-04
Qualification : Masters in Zoology with specialization in Animal Ecology and Wildlife Biology, Dept. of zoology, Gauhati University PhD (Pursuing), Dept. of Zoology, Gauhati University


Teaching details :
Have served as a faculty member in the Department of Zoology, Handique Girls’ College, Guwahati in 2014 (4 months).

Research : 5 Years

Award / Recognition / Achievement / Professional Membership / Grant

  1. Award - Basic scientific research
    Awarded on 2014-05-30
    Awarded by Ugc
    Grant Amount 10 lakhs
  2. Grant - Student science project
    Awarded on 2013-07-19
    Awarded by Astec
    Reason Received grant for the project entitled “Analysis of web symmetry, web decoration, preference of live food prey and its mode of capture in Argiope species in Laboratory condition” by Assam Science Technology and Environment Council under Student Science Project Scheme
    Grant Amount 8000

Conference / Workshop / Symposium / Training

  1. Paper Presenter in Conference - 4th International Conference on Environment and Ecology (International)
    Organised at Gauhati university from 2018-02-12 to 2018-02-14
  2. Paper Presenter in Conference - Young Ecologist Talk and Interact (National)
    Organised at Tezpur university from 2018-01-04 to 2018-07-07
  3. Invited Speaker in Conference - 2nd SpiderIndia Meet, organised by WE Foundation India, Diversity India and Nature Mates (National)
    Organised at Jorhat from 2017-12-22 to 2017-12-24
  4. Paper Presenter in Conference - UGC Sponsored National Seminar on Climate Change, Biodiversity and Sustainable Resource Management (National)
    Organised at howly from 2017-06-23 to 2017-06-24
  5. Paper Presenter in Conference - National Seminar on Integrated Approach in zoological Research & Biennial Conference of Zoological S (National)
    Organised at Gauhati university from 2017-03-30 to 2017-03-31
  6. Participant in Conference - 1st SpiderIndia Meet ,organised by DiversityIndia and Nature mates (National)
    Organised at West bengal from 2017-02-17 to 2017-02-19
  7. Participant in Conference - National Training Workshop on “Fauna of Hotspots-3, Eastern Himalayas” by Zoological Survey of India (National)
    Organised at Shillong from 2016-03-17 to 2016-03-23
  8. Paper Presenter in Conference - UGC sponsored National Seminar on “New Horizon in Zoological Research with special reference to Aqua (National)
    Organised at Gauhati university from 2016-03-14 to 2016-03-15
  9. Participant in Conference - UGC sponsored National Seminar on “New Horizon in Zoological Research with special reference to Aqua (National)
    Organised at Gauhati university from 2016-03-14 to 2016-03-15
  10. Participant in Symposium - Workshop-cum-Symposia on “Basic Molecular Biology Techniques and Natural Product Based Drug Discover (National)
    Organised at Gauhati university from 2015-02-11 to 2015-02-14
  11. Participant in Training - NPTEL Certificate program, FDP, Wildlife Ecology (National)
    Organised at Mooc from 2019-01-28 to 2019-04-28
  12. Participant in Training - NPTEL course cum Faculty Development Programme (National)
    Organised at Online, iit Kanpur from 2019-01-20 to 2019-04-20
  13. Participant in Training - Advanced Biostatistical Training, organised by Northpole Institute of Professional Training (National)
    Organised at Guwahati from 2017-07-15 to 2017-07-21
  14. Participant in Training - Introduction to Bioinformatics and its Application in Biological Science organized by Bioinformatics (National)
    Organised at Gauhati university from 2015-03-24 to 2015-03-26
  15. Participant in Workshop - Pedagogy for 21st Century Teaching and Research (PCTR- 2019) (National)
    Organised at ADBU, from 2019-06-12 to 2019-06-13
  16. Participant in Workshop - Let’s talk Turtles (National)
    Organised at ADBU, from 2019-06-11 to 2019-06-12
  17. Invited Speaker in Workshop - Natural History of Arachnids (National)
    Organised at Garbhanga Reserve forest from 2019-06-02 to 2019-06-02
  18. Participant in Workshop - One day workshop on insects and insects under Foldscope (National)
    Organised at Gauhati university from 2018-10-06 to 2018-10-06
  19. Participant in Workshop - Application Of Remote Sensing, GIS And GPS in Various Field organised by Aaranyak (National)
    Organised at Aaranyak, guwahati from 2015-07-25 to 2015-07-31
  20. Participant in Workshop - Art of Science Communication Organized by Department of Botany in association with Association of Mi (National)
    Organised at Gauhati university from 2015-04-20 to 2015-04-20
  21. Participant in Workshop - National Brain Storming Workshop on “ Prospects, potentials and diversification opportunity of cultu (National)
    Organised at Gauhati university from 2014-10-27 to 2014-10-28
  22. Participant in Workshop - Biostatistics for Beginners in Field Biology, Jointly organized by Aaranyak and Scholars’ Institute (National)
    Organised at Scholars’ Institute of Technology and Management , from 2013-10-28 to 2013-11-02

Research and Publication

  1. Sangeeta Das and Oinam Sunanda Devi, COMMON SPIDERS FROM SELECT PROTECTED AREAS OF UPPER ASSAM, COMMON SPIDERS from select protected areas of Upper Assam, volume 1, pages -,
    ISSN , ISBN ISBN: 978-81-932243-0-4,
  2. Conference
  3. Sangeeta Das and Jatin Kalita, • Feeding Ecology of Argiope pulchella: An Araneid common to Assam, Yeti abstract book, volume 2017, pages 90-100,
    ISSN , ISBN ,
  4. Journal
  5. Sangeeta Das, Jatin Kalita, Nilutpal Mahanta, New Report of Phrynarachne ceylonica (O. Pickard-Cambridge, 1884) (Araneae: Thomisidae) from Assam, India, International Journal of Scientific Research and Reviews , volume 8(2), pages 985-990,
    ISSN 2279-0543, ISBN ,
  6. Paris basumatary, debomay chanda, sangeeta das, jatin kalita, dulur brahma, tunu basumatary, brojo kumar basumatary, sinaiti daimary, On a new species of the orb- weaving spider genus eriovixia (araneae:araneidae)from india, Arachnology, volume 18(1), pages 24-27,
    ISSN ISSN 2050-9928 (Print) ISSN 2050-9936 (Online) , ISBN ,
  7. Paris Basumatary, SANGEETA DAS, JATIN KALITA, DULUR BRAHMA, New record of Cyrtarachne nagasakiensis Strand, 1918 (Araneae: Araneidae) from India, Arachnology, volume 17(9), pages 463–465,
    ISSN ISSN 2050-9928 (PRINT) ISSN 2050-9936 (ONLINE) , ISBN ,
  8. Nilutpal Mahanta , Prasanta Kumar Saikia, Pranjal Mahananda, Sangeeta Das , Raktim Saikia, First record of Limnodromus scolopaceus (Say, 1823) and Calidris ferruginea (Pontoppidan 1763) from , INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF ZOOLOGY STUDIES, volume 3, pages 271-273,
    ISSN ISSN: 2455-7269, ISBN ,
  9. Sangeeta Das , Nilutpal Mahanta and Jatin Kalita, Argiope pulchella Thorell, 1881 (Araneidae: Araneae): A potential synanthropic species, International Journal of Zoology Studies, volume 3, pages 265-267,
    ISSN ISSN: 2455-7269, ISBN ,
  10. Sangeeta Das, Spiders as potent bio-control agent, The wild trail journal, volume 1, pages 41-43,
    ISSN ISSN: 2454-3713, ISBN ,
  11. Sangeeta Das and Jatin Kalita, Incidence of Egg Parasitism in Argiope pulchella Thorell, 1881 (Aranea: Araneidae) by Baeus sp., IMPACT: International Journal of Research in Applied, Natural and Social Sciences (IMPACT: IJRANSS) , volume 6, pages 1-6,
    ISSN ISSN (P): 2347-4580; ISSN (E): 2321-8851 , ISBN ,
  12. Paris Basumatary, Sangeeta Das, Jatin Kalita, and Dulur Brahma, New record of Hyllus diardi (Walckenaer1837)(Araneae: Salticidae) from India, Acta Arachnologica, volume 67, pages 35—37,
    ISSN Online ISSN : 1880-7852 Print ISSN : 0001-5202, ISBN ,
  13. Sangeeta Das, Reshmi Bhattacharjee and Prasanta Kumar Saikia, Comprehensive checklist of diurnal spider diversity in Guwahati Metropolitan Area, Kamrup, Assam, Tropical zoology, volume 5, pages 212-213,
    ISSN ISSN: 0971-7978, ISBN ,

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