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Prof. Bichitra Kalita



Designation : Professor
Department : Computer Applications
Date of Joining : 2018-07-04
Qualification : PhD, Faculty of Computer Engineering and Applications, Gauhati University


Teaching : 33 Years
Teaching details :
Jorhat Engineering College,
Assam Engineering College,
University of Science & Technology, Meghalaya
Area of Interest :
Graph Theory, Data Mining, Graph Database and NP Complete Problems.
Research : 22 Years

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      Research and Publication

      1. Pranab Kalita, Bichitra kalita, CHCS Triangular Prism with Exactly one Right Angled Prismatic Edge, International Journal of Computational Engineering & Management, volume 17(5), pages 1-8,
        ISSN 2230-7893, ISBN Nil,
      2. Subhrajyoti Bordoloi, Bichitra kalita, A graph based approach to find candidate keys in a relational data base scheme, International Journal of computer Engineering & Technology, volume 4(6), pages 219-231,
        ISSN 0976 – 6375, ISBN Nil,
      3. Bichitra Kalita, Decomposition of complete graphs into circulant graphs and its application, International journal of Computer Engineering & Technology, volume 4(6), pages 25-47,
        ISSN 0976-6375, ISBN Nil,
      4. BICHITRA KALITA, Consecutive even number finding graph(cenfg) related to gold bach conjecture, International journal of pure and applied Mathematics, volume 89(1), pages 55-70,
        ISSN 1311-8080, ISBN Nil,
      5. Bichitra kalita, Graph and Goldbach Conjecture, International Journal of Pure and Applied Mathematics, volume 82(4), pages 531-546,
        ISSN 1311-8080, ISBN Nil,
      6. Jayanta Kr. Choudhury, Anupam Dutta, Bichitra Kalita, Graph Factorization and its Application, International Journal of Management, IT and Engineering, volume 2(3), pages 209-220,
        ISSN 2249-0558, ISBN Nil,
      7. Bichitra Kalita,Jayanta Kr. Choudhury, Anupam Dutta, SCS and TSP in DNA Sequencing, IJMIE, volume 3(1), pages 263-276,
        ISSN 2249-0558, ISBN Nil,

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