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Alexy Bhowmick

Assistant Professor (stage II)


Designation : Assistant Professor (stage II)
Department : Computer Science and Engineering
Date of Joining : 2009-07-15
Qualification : B.Tech (CSE, NERIST) M.Tech (IT, Tezpur University) PhD pursuing (CSE, Tezpur University)


Teaching : 10 Years
Teaching details :
Teaching fundamental/advanced courses at undergraduate and graduate levels.
Research and Collaboration in pure/applied Computer Vision and Machine Learning-based research.

Courses Taught
M.Tech: ML, CV&IP
Area of Interest :
Computer Vision, Image Understanding, Machine Learning.

Administrative Experiences/Services : - Years
Administrative Experiences/Services details :
Co-ordinator - NSIIAAD 2018, ADBU.
Internal In-charge - B.Tech Computer Science and Engineering, SoT, ADBU [2012-2014]
Member - Academic Council, Assam Don Bosco University (ADBU) [2012 - 2015]
Member - Board of Studies, DPEC, Computer Science & Engineering, ADBU, [2017 - Present]
Journal Reviews (Since 2015)
i) Computer Vision and Image Understanding (CVIU), Elsevier
ii) Artificial Intelligence Review (AIRE), Springer
iii) Neural Computing and Applications (NCA), Springer
iv) Computer Science Reviews (COSREV), Elsevier
v) Multimedia Tools and Applications (MTAP), Springer
Research : 10 Years

Award / Recognition / Achievement / Professional Membership / Grant

  1. Professional membership - Member (#93852559)
    Awarded on 2020-08-20
    Awarded by Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE)

    Grant Amount Not Applicable
  2. Professional membership - Life Member - L0106
    Awarded on 2015-08-01
    Awarded by Indian Unit for Pattern Recognition and Artificial Intelligence (IUPRAI)

    Grant Amount Not Applicable
  3. Professional membership - Life Member - L24784
    Awarded on 2015-02-01
    Awarded by Indian Science Congress Association (ISCA)

    Grant Amount Not Applicable
  4. Recognition - Best Poster, 2nd prize
    Awarded on 2019-03-14
    Awarded by IIT - Guwahati
    Reason Research Conclave
    Grant Amount NIL

Conference / Workshop / Symposium / Training

  1. Invited Speaker in Training - Delivered technical sessions on Deep Neural Networks in TEQIP-III FDP ON ML AND PYTHON (National)
    Organised at Assam Engineering College from 2019-07-22 to 2019-08-02
  2. Invited Speaker in Training - Capacity Building of Government Employees on e-Waste Management (National)
    Organised at Mizoram University from 2018-07-30 to 2018-08-01
  3. Participant in Training - 3rd Workshop on Computing: Theory and Applications By CCSD, ISI Kolkata (National)
    Organised at NIT Meghalaya from 2018-02-19 to 2018-02-24
  4. Participant in Training - 2-week Short Term Training Programme (STTP) on Computational Intelligence for Knowledge Extraction at NITTTR (National)
    Organised at NITTTR - Kolkata from 2017-01-16 to 2017-01-27
  5. Participant in Training - Short Term Course (STC) on Machine Intelligence (National)
    Organised at MNIT Jaipur from 2012-09-10 to 2012-09-14
  6. Participant in Workshop - 3rd Summer School on Computer Vision (National)
    Organised at IIIT Hyderabad from 2018-07-02 to 2018-07-08
  7. Participant in Workshop - ISI-SU Autumn School on Machine Intelligence and Applications (National)
    Organised at Sikkim University from 2014-09-22 to 2014-09-26
  8. Participant in Workshop - Indo-Russian Joint Workshop on Computational Intelligence and Modern Heuristics in Automation and Robotics (CIMHAR) (National)
    Organised at NIT Surat from 2010-09-21 to 2010-09-22
  9. Participant in Workshop - National Workshop on Use and Deployment of Web and Video Courses for Enriching Engineering Education (National)
    Organised at IIT Guwahati from 2009-08-23 to 2009-08-24

Research and Publication

    Book Chapter
  1. V. Naosekpam, A. Bhowmick, S.M. Hazarika, Superpixel Correspondence for Non-parametric Scene Parsing of Natural Images, 8th International Conference on Pattern Recognition and Machine Intelligence (PReMI) (LNCS SPRINGER), volume 11941, pages 614-622, 2019
    Indexing - Scopus,, Impact factor - 0
    ISSN , ISBN 978-3-030-64868-7,
  2. A. Bhowmick, S. Saharia, S.M. Hazarika, Encoding High-Order Statistics in VLAD for Scalable Image Retrieval., 8th International Conference on Pattern Recognition and Machine Intelligence (PReMI) (LNCS SPRINGER), volume 11941, pages 559-566, 2019
    Indexing - Scopus,, Impact factor - 0
    ISSN , ISBN 978-3-030-64868-7,
  3. A. Bhowmick, S. M. Hazarika, E-Mail Spam Filtering: A Review of Techniques and Trends, Advances in Electronics, Communication and Computing. Lecture Notes in Electrical Engineering (LNEE SPRINGER), volume 443, pages 583-590, 2018
    Indexing - Scopus,, Impact factor - 0
    ISSN 978-981-10-4764-0, ISBN ,
  4. A. Bhowmick, S. Prakash, R. Bhagat, V. Prasad, and S. M. Hazarika, IntelliNavi: Navigation for blind based on Kinect and Machine Learning, Multi-disciplinary Trends in Artificial Intelligence (MIWAI 14) (LNCS Springer), volume 8875, pages 172-183, 2014
    Indexing - Scopus,, Impact factor - 0
    ISSN , ISBN ,
  5. Conference
  6. Tanmay Bhadra, Avinash Chouhan, Dibyajyoti Chutia, Alexy Bhowmick, P. L. N. Raju, Flood Detection Using Multispectral Images and SAR Data, International Conference on Machine Learning, Image Processing, Network Security and Data Sciences - MIND 2020, volume NA, pages 294-303, 2020
    Indexing - Scopus,Google Scholar,, Impact factor - NA
    ISSN , ISBN ,
  7. Veronica Naosekpam, Nissi Paul, Alexy Bhowmick, Dense and Partial Correspondence in Non-parametric Scene Parsing, MISP 2019: Machine Intelligence and Signal Processing, volume NA, pages 339-350, 2019
    Indexing - Scopus,, Impact factor - NA
    ISSN , ISBN ,
  8. V. Prasad, M. Das, A. Bhowmick, Y. J. Singh, A modular approach towards image spam filtering using multiple classifiers, IEEE International Conference on Computational Intelligence and Computing Research (ICCIC) , volume 1, pages 1-8, 2014
    Indexing - Scopus,, Impact factor - 0
    ISSN , ISBN ,
  9. A. Bhowmick and S. M. Hazarika, ILearn - Inducing Univariate Decision Trees from Symbolic Datasets, National Workshop on Design and Analysis of Algorithms (NWDAA), volume 1, pages 111-120, 2010
    Indexing - Google Scholar,Others,, Impact factor - 0
    ISSN , ISBN ,
  10. Journal
  11. A. Bhowmick; S. M. Hazarika, An Insight into Assistive Technology for the Visually Impaired and Blind People: State-of-the-Art and Future Trends, J. Multimodal User Interfaces, volume 11, pages 149–172 , 2017
    Indexing - SCI,Scopus,UGC list,, Impact factor - 2.02
    ISSN , ISBN ,
  12. S. M. Hazarika; A. Bhowmick, Learning Rules of a Card Game from Video, Artificial Intelligence Review, volume 38, pages 55–65 , 2012
    Indexing - SCI,Scopus,UGC list,, Impact factor - 5.095
    ISSN , ISBN ,

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