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Nitesh Dhar Badgayan

Assistant Professor (stage I)


Designation : Assistant Professor (stage I)
Department : Mechanical Engineering
Date of Joining : 2019-07-11
Qualification : PhD in Mechanical Engineering (Submitted in May 2019) M.Tech in Manufacturing System Engineering (2014) Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering (2012) Diploma in Mechanical Engineering (2008)


Teaching : 02 Years
Teaching details :
National Institute of Science and Technology March 2014 to May 2016
Area of Interest :
Polymer nanocomposites, sandwich panels, shape memory polymers, 4D printing

iNDUSTRY : 03 Years
iNDUSTRY details :
Karamtara Engineering, Mumbai-CNC Programmer

CIPET HLC Bhubaneswar
Research : - Years

Award / Recognition / Achievement / Professional Membership / Grant

    Conference / Workshop / Symposium / Training

      Research and Publication

      1. Nitesh dhar badgayan, SANTOSH KUMAR SAHU, SUTANU SAMANTA, P.S.RAMA SREEKANTH, Assessment of nanoscopic dynamic mechanical properties and B-C-N triad effect on MWCNT/h-BNNP nanofillers reinforced HDPE hybrid composite using oscillatory nanoindentation: An insight into medical applications, Journal of the Mechanical Behavior of Biomedical Materials, volume 80, pages 180-188, 2018
        Indexing - SCI,, Impact factor - 3.5
        ISSN Na, ISBN ,
      2. Journal
      3. Nitesh Dhar Badgayan, Santosh Kumar Sahu, Sutanu Samanta , P. S. Rama Sreekanth, Evaluation of Dynamic Mechanical and Thermal Behavior of HDPE Reinforced with MWCNT/h-BNNP: An Attempt to Find Possible Substitute for a Metallic Knee in Transfemoral Prosthesis, International Journal of Thermophysics , volume 93, pages 97-102, 2020
        Indexing - SCI,, Impact factor - 0.9
        ISSN , ISBN ,
      4. Santosh Kumar Sahu, Nitesh Dhar Badgayan, P.S.Rama Sreekanth, Understanding the influence of contact pressure on the wear performance of HDPE/multi-dimensional carbon filler based hybrid polymer nanocomposites, Wear, volume 438-439, pages 00, 2019
        Indexing - SCI,, Impact factor - 2.5
        ISSN , ISBN 0,
      5. SANTOSH KUMAR SAHU, NITESH DHAR BADGAYAN, SUTANU SAMANTA, P.S.RAMA SREEKANTH, Influence of cell size on out of plane stiffness and in-plane compliance character of the sandwich beam made with tunable PCTPE nylon honeycomb core and hybrid polymer nanocomposite skin, International Journal of Mechanical Sciences, volume 148, pages 284-292, 2018
        Indexing - SCI,, Impact factor - 4.1
        ISSN NA, ISBN Na,
      6. Santosh Kumar Sahu, Nitesh Dhar Badgayan, Sutanu Samanta, P.S.Rama Sreekanth, Quasistatic and dynamic nanomechanical properties of HDPE reinforced with 0/1/2 dimensional carbon nanofillers based hybrid nanocomposite using nanoindentation, Materials Chemistry and Physics , volume 203, pages 173-184, 2018
        Indexing - SCI,, Impact factor - 2.7
        ISSN Na, ISBN Na,
      7. Nitesh Dhar Badgayan, Sutanu Samanta, Santosh Kumar Sahu, S.B. VenkataSiva, Kishor Kumar Sadasivuni, Duryodhan Sahu, P.S. Rama Sreekanth, Tribological behaviour of 1D and 2D nanofiller based high densitypoly-ethylene hybrid nanocomposites: A run-in and steady state phase analysis, Wear, volume 376-377, pages 1379-1390, 2017
        Indexing - SCI,, Impact factor - 2.5
        ISSN Na, ISBN Na,

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