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Kaushik Bhuyan

Assistant Professor (stage I)


Designation : Assistant Professor (stage I)
Department : Mass Communication
Date of Joining : 2014-07-25
Qualification : UGC-NET, M.A Mass Communication, Jamia Millia Islamia University, New Delhi


Teaching : 5 Years
Teaching details :
PG: 3 years
UG: 2 year
• Provided academic advise to students including assistance with dissertation development.
• Built strong rapport with students through class discussions and academic advisement.
• Collaborated with faculty members on departmental and inter-departmental projects.
• Developed activities and integrated technology to diversify instruction.
• Organized special outreach programs in effort to increase institution's interest in community service.
• Aggregated and prepared documentation and reports for office meetings, distribution, and filing.
• Serving as Chairperson in Department Board of Studies to formulate/revise the department's syllabus.
• Fostered meaningful relationships among students through student field-trip, team-work and community service projects.
• Equipped at managing classroom for diverse population.

Area of Interest :
Culture and Communication, Television and Video Production, Folk Media, Film Studies, Digital Humanities

Photographer (Sales), Genesys International Ltd, New Delhi and freelancer : 2 Years
Photographer (Sales), Genesys International Ltd, New Delhi and freelancer details :
• Planned and prepared for all on-location shoots for clients.
• Defined and recommended detailed solutions to capture images.
• Handled cameras operating at several thousand frames per second.
• Archived photographs on computers and servers.
• Provided high quality results in a timely manner.
• Planned, organized and scheduled work.
• Established and maintained productive, professional working relationships.
• Freelance work for clients like UNCRPD, Tata Motors, McNroe India, Ticket Windows producing corporate films/promotional videos.

Research : - Years

Award / Recognition / Achievement / Professional Membership / Grant

  1. Achievement - UGC-Sponsored Orientation Course
    Awarded on 2019-07-15
    Awarded by UGC-HRDC, Mizoram University
    Reason Participated in the 27th Orientation Course from 24th June-15th July and obtained Grade 'A'at HRDC Centre Mizoram University
    Grant Amount n/a
  2. Achievement - Screening of graduation (pg) Film
    Awarded on 2012-11-21
    Awarded by International film festival of india (IFFI)
    Reason Shortlisted and screened under students film section at the 43rd IFFI
    Grant Amount n/a
  3. Other - External Examiner
    Awarded on 2020-01-07
    Awarded by Dibrugarh University
    Reason External Practical Examiner for MAMC 1st Sem and MAMC 3rd Sem
    Grant Amount N/A
  4. Recognition - UGC-NET
    Awarded on 2015-06-15
    Awarded by University Grants commiss
    Reason Successfully cleared UGC-NET examination
    Grant Amount N/A

Conference / Workshop / Symposium / Training

  1. Participant in Conference - Quality Configuration for media education in india (National)
    Organised at Guwahati from 2015-11-02 to 2015-11-03
  2. Participant in Conference - Media's role in facilitating peace in conflict situation in NE india and neighbouring countries (International)
    Organised at Arunachal Pradesh from 2014-10-09 to 2014-10-10
  3. Invited Speaker in Training - Summer School on Human Rights for Social Development: Frames and Agents (International)
    Organised at Guwahati from 2019-10-09 to 2019-10-19
  4. Participant in Training - North East NSS festival (National)
    Organised at Guwahati from 2019-03-18 to 2019-03-22
  5. Participant in Training - NSS National Integration Camp (National)
    Organised at Guwahati from 2019-03-08 to 2019-03-14
  6. Participant in Training - Data boot camp north east (National)
    Organised at Guwahati from 2018-07-14 to 2018-07-15
  7. Participant in Training - Neuro-linguistic programming (National)
    Organised at Guwahati from 2016-02-08 to 0000-00-00
  8. Participant in Training - Instructional Skills (National)
    Organised at TezpuR from 2016-01-28 to 2016-01-30
  9. Participant in Training - Entrepreneurship-The Way Forward (National)
    Organised at Guwahati from 2015-07-10 to 2015-07-11
  10. Participant in Workshop - Pedagogy for 21st Century Teaching and Research (National)
    Organised at Guwahati from 2019-06-12 to 2019-06-13
  11. Participant in Workshop - Legal Awareness cum Gender Sensitization: POSH at work (National)
    Organised at Guwahati from 2018-09-15 to 2018-09-15
  12. Participant in Workshop - Managing Personal and Professional Roles (National)
    Organised at Guwahati from 2017-03-17 to 2017-03-18
  13. Participant in Workshop - Research Methodology (National)
    Organised at Guwahati from 2016-04-03 to 2016-04-12
  14. Participant in Workshop - Academic Writing (National)
    Organised at Guwahati from 2016-03-17 to 2016-03-18
  15. Invited Speaker in Workshop - Capacity Building Training of Teachers and NGO workers through Folk Art (Puppetry) to Influence Comm (National)
    Organised at Guwahati from 2015-08-25 to 2015-08-29
  16. Invited Speaker in Workshop - Digital video editing using foss (National)
    Organised at Guwahati from 2015-02-19 to 2015-02-20
  17. Invited Speaker in Workshop - Social Media for social change (National)
    Organised at Guwahati from 2014-10-06 to 2014-10-10
  18. Invited Speaker in Workshop - Puppet making workshop (National)
    Organised at Guwahati from 0000-00-00 to 0000-00-00

Research and Publication

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