Assam Don Bosco University

Leena Harshal Nemade, H. O. D.

Assistant Professor (stage II)


Designation : Assistant Professor (stage II)
Department : Mechanical Engineering
Date of Joining : 2008-07-01
Qualification : Pursuing P.hD.(IIT Guwahati) M.Tech.(Computer Assisted Manufacturing)


Teaching : 13 Years
Teaching details :
13 Years of teaching experience at Government College of Engineering, Jalgaon and Government Polytechnic, Jalgaon, Maharashtra and Assam Don Bosco University till date.

Research : 4 Years

Award / Recognition / Achievement / Professional Membership / Grant

  1. Award - students science project granted by astec
    Awarded on 2018-03-26
    Awarded by Assam science technology and environment council
    Reason Guided project:disposable plate making machine.
    Grant Amount 10000

Conference / Workshop / Symposium / Training

  1. Paper Presenter in Conference - Emerging global trends in engineering and technology, EGTET (National)
    Organised at Assam don bosco university from 2014-03-07 to 2014-03-08
  2. Paper Presenter in Conference - National conference on ' advances in welding technology' (National)
    Organised at Nerist, NIRJULI, ARUNACHAL PRADESH from 2013-05-10 to 2013-05-11
  3. Participant in Symposium - International Symposium on ‘Processing and Fabrication of Advanced Material (International)
    Organised at I.I.T. Guwahati. India from 2012-12-15 to 2012-12-18
  4. Participant in Workshop - Artificial Intelligence, Robotics & Machine Learning (National)
    Organised at IIT GUWAHATI from 2019-02-22 to 2019-02-26
  5. Participant in Workshop - NPTEL AICTE APPROVED "surface engineering for corrosion and wear resistance application" (National)
    Organised at On line faculty development program from 2019-01-07 to 2019-04-28
  6. Participant in Workshop - NPTEL AICTE APPROVED "fundamentals of surface engineering: Mechanisms, process and charecterization" (National)
    Organised at Faculty development program from 2018-07-02 to 2018-10-28
  7. Participant in Workshop - Advances in ultra-precision machining processes (National)
    Organised at I.I.T. GUWAHATI from 2016-07-04 to 2016-07-16
  8. Participant in Workshop - Modern scenario in welding technology (National)
    Organised at I. i. t. guwahati from 2015-03-16 to 2015-03-20
  9. Participant in Workshop - Advance machining and finishing processes, PFAM 21. (National)
    Organised at IIT GUWAHATI from 2014-12-15 to 2014-12-16
  10. Participant in Workshop - Recent advancement in microfluidics (National)
    Organised at I.I.T. GUWAHATI. from 2011-10-31 to 2011-11-04
  11. Participant in Workshop - Recent advancement of intelligent materials and its applications (National)
    Organised at I.I.T. Guwahati. India from 2010-12-14 to 2010-12-18
  12. Participant in Workshop - Developing tools for biomedical applications (National)
    Organised at I.I.T. GUWAHATI. from 2010-09-20 to 2010-09-24
  13. Participant in Workshop - Use and development of web and video courses for enriching engineering education (National)
    Organised at IIT GUWAHATI from 2009-03-23 to 2009-03-24

Research and Publication

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