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Rashmita Barua

Assistant Professor (stage I)


Designation : Assistant Professor (stage I)
Department : Commerce
Date of Joining : 2010-09-16
Qualification : PhD(International Economics), MBE.


Teaching details :
8.5 years total experience, 3.5 years post PhD experience as Asst. Professor(Senior)
Area of Interest :
Applied Economics, International trade, Macro Economics.
Research : 3 Years

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      Research and Publication

      1. Rashmita Barua, Investments and exports scenario of assam, INVESTMENTS AND EXPORTS SCENARIO OF ASSAM, volume 1, pages NA,
        ISSN , ISBN 978-93-86302-67-0,
      2. Journal
      3. Rashmita Barua, NON-PERFORMING ASSETS (NPAS) IN THE INDIAN BANKING SYSTEM: UNVEILING THE FACTUAL ANECDOTE, International Journal of Social Science and Economic Research, volume 3, pages 76-89,
        ISSN 2455-8834, ISBN ,
      4. Rashmita barua, • Factors Affecting Choice of Institutions: A Select Case of one of the Engineering Colleges in the State of Assam, In International Journal of Management Studies, volume 5, pages 52-60,
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      5. Rashmita barua, Political Marketing and its Applicability in Modern Day’s Political Arena: A Select Case of Media Penetration in Indian Political System, Researchers World – Journal of Arts, Science & Commerce, volume 8, pages 79-90,
        ISSN 2231-4172, ISBN ,
      6. Rashmita barua, A Theoretical Review on the Status and Trend of Exports (Goods and Services) and Investments (Foreign and Domestic) in Assam and North-East India and their Untapped Impact on the Economic Growth of the Region: The Story so far, Journal of Management and Science , volume 3, pages 1-22,
        ISSN 2249-1260, ISBN ,
      7. Rashmita barua, Changing Scenario of Export Structures in India and China: A Comparative Framework of Analysis through Revealed Comparative Advantage, Asian Journal of Research in Business Economics and Management , volume Volume 3, pages 79-96,
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      8. Rashmita barua, A Study on the Impact of FDI Inflows on Exports and Growth of An Economy: Evidence from the Context of Indian Economy, Researchers World- Journal of Arts, Science & Commerce , volume 4, pages 124-131,
        ISSN 2231-4172 Online ISSN: 2229-4686, GIF: 0.479, ISBN ,

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